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 Volunteer Information

We are in need of people to help out in the following roles: 

HIV Testing Check-in Desk- Complete paperwork and help patients complete forms needed for HIV counseling and testing. No special training is required. Anyone can fulfill this role. 

HIV Counselor- Speak with patients about HIV risk, need for testing and methods for reducing risk for HIV. Training for this role happens over the course of approx. 4-5 shifts and basic HIV knowledge is required for this role. Additional HIV educational information will be available. 

HIV Lab- Must be trained by the State Health Dept. for this role. Training is offered at the clinic approx. every 3 months. We would recommend signing up for another role to begin volunteering, and consider getting trained for this role when training is offered.

HIV Lab Helper- No Special training is required. Anyone can help assist the HIV tester with running HIV rapid tests.


STD Lab- Must have previous phlebotomy experience and be comfortable drawing blood. Will be trained on our clinic specific procedures in approx. 2 shifts. 

As always, confidentiality is extremely important, and we are particularly sensitive about keeping confidentiality, considering the nature of STDs and HIV. Respect for the privacy of patients' issues and concerns is a priority and mandatory by law.

Volunteer FAQ

Who are the people that volunteer?

BESTD Clinic is a non-profit Wisconsin corporation led and staffed entirely by unpaid volunteers. There is only one common denominator--they are concerned and caring persons who want to make a difference--and provide their time without payment. They are health care and social service professionals, teachers, students, musicians, artists, tradespersons; women and men of all colors; and people of diverse sexual orientations.

There is room here for people of all background who want to share the best of themselves with others. Our team has skills ranging from: counselors, facilitators, skilled tradespersons, and everyday people with computer, clerical, media, communication/telephone, scheduling talents and organizational skills.


When can you find out more about helping out?

Stop by or call during clinic hours to discuss how your skills could play a role in our program. We will provide all specific training that you and the Clinic requires to make your volunteer experience worthwhile.

How do I submit an application?

Complete an application online. It will be routed to our review team as soon as you submit it.

We are always looking for APNPs, PAs and doctors in addition to Spanish speaking volunteers. We expect a yearlong commitment with the requirement of signing up for two shifts each month.

Remember that the clinic is only open on Mondays and Tuesdays so it might take some time to hear back.


How do I pick my volunteer hours?

All hours we're open are listed on the public calendar, but you will choose your availability on our private volunteer calendar. Reminders to sign up are distributed weekly. If you aren't receiving these updates, be sure your volunteer contact information is up-to-date.


Where can current volunteers update their contact information?

If you are already a BESTD Clinic volunteer submit updates to your contact information online.

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